Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flu shot, Good news, & a Funny story

Ok to those of you who voted, I went out and got myself a flu shot.  Just thought you should know since I was so undecided, that "your vote counts" and I really did go out and do it.  And I paid for it with a nice big red painful lump on my arm and a sore throat the next day.  But it's done.

CF clinic was today.  It was good.  I really feel blessed to have the team we do.  They are SOOOOO caring and personal.  If you go to cff.org and look up your care center, you can actually see how many registered CFers there are being cared for at that hospital.  Well, since there is another non-military CF center just down the road from us, there really aren't that many CFers being seen on the military base where we get Logan's care.  16 to be exact.  And Logan is the youngest.  So he REALLY gets some very personal care, especially for being a military brat.  I can't tell you how much it means to me when we walk into the Peds clinic and they all say "Oh hi Mr Logan!"...  To be known by name in a military hospital is a pretty big deal.   Anyway, just a few little changes this time but all stuff I'm excited about.  Since he is only doing Albuterol right now, with the pulmonologists approval, we've decided to try administering it via inhaler rather than nebulizer.  I cannot express how excited I am about that.  It should knock out about 20 minuts of  therapy time during the day.  Doesn't seem like much, but it is to a 5 month old.  Other than that, just a little bit of diet adjustment and we're adding in an antacid because he's having just a wee bit of reflux and we want to stop it before it gets bad.  Overall, good expirience, good news and a big sigh of relief from yours truly.

Funny story from this morning.  So, since Landon works a night shift he's on a very different sleep schedule than me and Logan.  So in the morning, before Landon goes to sleep and just as Logan is waking up, he does the neb/cpt and then goes to bed.  I do the neb/cpt in the evenings when Landon is either at work or sleeping.  So I had to be up early this AM for work, so Landon was doing Logan's treatment as I was flat ironing my hair.  Landon's not the most musical of folk but when he thinks no one is listening he may mumble a song under his breath ;)  So I'm in the bathroom doing my hair and I hear Landon singing in the other room *insert musical notes here* "I beat my baby, I beat my baby!  Daddy beats his baby"... with jovial inflection.  Oh my gosh I thought that was funny.  We always call Logan's cpt's his "beatings" but for some reason when it was said in a sing-song voice it was much more humorous.  Oh I love my boys :D. 

Well, one job down today, one to go.  Must log off the internet... need to leave in 20 mins and i'm not even close to ready.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!