Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Here We Go Again

      What is the point in having a blog if you never write?  There isn't one.  I apparently am terrible at keeping up with this thing.  When I punched in the web address of my blog this morning (to see if it still existed), it informed me that it has been 556 days since my last blog entry.  So... "Here We Go Again".
      I will not waste my time "catching you up" on the details of what has been happening in our life for the last 556 days because that would end up being a novella.  However, for those of you who do not follow closely on facebook, I will give a brief update.  Here you go:

-Landon Deployed to Afghanistan during which time I moved my newly pregnant self and Logan back to CO
-Genevieve was born in June of 2012
-Landon returned from his deployment in November of 2012
-Holidays spent in CO
-Moved back to WA Jan 2013
-Landon signed up for LPN school through the Army
-Moved to MD June 2013 for LPN school

Hey-O!  You're caught up.  At least on the necessary stuff.

Alright.  So, here we are, present day.  Landon is doing great in the school and will graduate in July.  We don't yet know where we will be stationed after he graduates.  They could keep us here or move us anywhere.  One of the famous sayings from Army life is "Hurry up and wait".  Definitely the case here as we probably won't know where we are going to be stationed until late June and then will have to plan and articulate a move within a month.

I am currently not working.  Staying home and taking care of the nuggets often feels like a full-time job though.  I am just trying to keep our lives in one piece while we Landon is in school.  Once the kids get into public school, I'm sure I'll go back to work again, but for this season, I get to "just" be wife/mom. 

Logan is doing pretty well.  He's had a rough time in MD as he misses his friends from WA and CO.  He's old enough now that moving affects him socially and that's hard for a mother's heart.  Health wise, he's alright.  We've had to fight some reflux and vomiting issues and a couple of unfortunate bacterial infections in his lungs but overall he is healthy.  He never ceases to amaze me with his drive and determination and his willingness to comply for treatments and medications.  He truly is a warrior for his own health.  Winning!

Genevieve is a spit fire of a little lady.  She is precocious, fierce, opinionated, and has mastered the fine art of whining.  But the cute kind of whining where she can "talk" you in to something that you've already said NO to three times.  Ugh... She definitely tests my parenting skills.  And yet, what a blessing she is.  She's a mamma's girl, compassionate, gentile, maternal, and all around girly girl.  I LOVE it. 

Today, I have no important information or any stunning words of wisdom to impart on you.  However, after 556 days of silence, I figured that it was time to stir up the old keyboard and let you know that we're not dead.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Please, stay healthy, stay happy, and feed your prayer life.  Blessings to anyone who reads this!