Saturday, December 4, 2010

The end of the beginning, and finally an answer

Well, let me first elaborate on the second half of today's title.  An update on the lactose intolerance.  After 2 days of no lactose and no vomiting, we started re-introducing lactose into Logan's diet.  The first day was ok.  But the second day of lactose formula, low and behold, he puked! So we decided it was worth a try to remove lactose as much as possible.  So, for the last week or so now, we have been using a lactose-free formula, and staying away from solids with lactose.  (This is a bummer because he likes yogurt a lot)  He's been doing quite well.  I really feel like we have isolated the issue and although it is another thing to add onto our plates and onto his health record, having an answer is worth it.  And hopefully, without the puking, his weight will also respond in a positive way.   Thank you to everyone who listened to me gripe about the puking and who prayed for answers. 

As to "the end of the beginning", we have reached a milestone!  Logan is figuring out how to crawl. He went from getting up on all fours by himself last sunday, to inching forward with crawling on tuesday!  It is amazing to me how quickly they figure it out!  Granted, most of his attempts still end in face plants, however, I expect him to be fairly mobile by the end of the year.  I guess that whole "baby proofing" thing we've been procrastinating should probably happen now.  Especially considering I had to pull a piece of a dog toy out of Logan's mouth the other day.  Ewww!  ;)