Friday, October 29, 2010

6 month visit

Nothing real exciting to report today.  We went in for Logan's 6 month well-baby check up.  He weighed 6 kgs exactly (which is about 13 lbs 3 oz).  Still 0% on the weight scale.  I guess his head is in the 88th% though?!?  Sounds like my kiddo has a fat head ;) 

Anyway, it wasn't a CF visit so no changes today.  He got a few shots, including the first flu vaccine :(  Poor booger.  It always breaks my heart when he gets his shots.  

Well, we skipped the pumpkin carving this year.  I know, i know.  Shame on me.  But in my defense, neither Landon nor I had a real big desire to do our own pumpkins this year and it's not like Logan is old enough to remember!  So we'll do it next year.  We ARE dressing him up though in an adorable tiger costume.  Courtesy of his GM.

A good friend of mine is moving on Nov 2nd so we're having a going away dinner for her on Halloween night.  So, we won't really get to do much trick-or-treating/passing out candy either.  But again, it's not like he's going to miss out on that memory.  I'm a little sad, but it's ok.  I'm missing my family this holiday season.  I love that Landon is home for all of Logan's "firsts" (ie Halloween, Christmas, hopefully his birthday) but i'm missing the parents/siblings.  On both sides.

That's all for today.  Love and health to all!