Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just thankful...

This past week I am struck over and over by how amazing my son and my husband are:

     It is the most INCREDIBLE feeling in the world when I come home from my morning shift at work and as soon as I open the door, Logan's eyes light up and he giggles joyously as his little legs come a runnin' as fast as they will carry him in my direction. Arms outstreched, excited smile, oh man... it's beyond words... I have teared up and laughed twice this week at these particular encounters.  I have never felt like my life "sucked", but being a mom has enriched my life to a level I did not know existed.  He is my greatest adventure and my biggest blessing.

    God truly blessed me when he led me to my husband, Landon.  He is a man I look up to, admire, love deeply and respect.  He makes me laugh, (sometimes makes me cry but always apologizes) and loves me enormously.  I have always known how amazing he is, that's why I married him ;)  He lifts me up when I am down, and encourages me when I get back up.  We are a team.  Always.   And I am more thankful for him than I could ever explain.  He is my rock.

    There really is no reason for this post today.  I just wanted to share how incredibly blessed I am.  It's ok... you can be jealous ;)

CF update:
Our visit went well this morning.  Doc says his lungs still sound flawless.  We will be doing a chest x-ray next month at clinic just to make sure but he is not worried.  They took another throat culture so we should have results back on that by end of next week.  We are saying prayers that the Pseudo is gone.  He's still tracking on up the weight scale.  Still very low (5-10%) but hey, i'll take it.